Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Cyber Crop and my samples


Thursday, June 26, 2008

lots of sneek peeks!!!!

For this Fridays CC...

hope you guys can join us!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diva's CyberCrop this Friday!!

Hints and sneek peek in the forum.

now for my challenge Divas,

you will be required to use Black cardstock and Butterfl

"Butterflies with Details"

I used these Butterflies as templates for this challege.

Just copy and paste, print and cut out one as a template!

Talk to you all Friday night!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kaiser Fundraiser Geelong - Crop for a Cause

The layoouts!
The Divas, Marelle and I,

Bronte enjoying a milkshake at DFO. The train rider! and Mary, she goes everywhere with us!

Hello everyone!!

Massive crop day at Kaiser Fundraiser.Melissa from Kaiser Craft did an amazing job, I won a set of new Acrylic stamps, so beautiful!
We were asked to scrap as many pages for the two families we were raising the money for, each page we scrapped we received a raffle ticket for, lucky everyone walked away with more than one prize!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My son has gone to camp........

No.....I'm fine really!sob!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ok since I'm on a roll and dinner is in the oven

I wanna tell you about where DH and I took the kids last weekend.

It was this place


Only a few rooms are open to viewing...but it was all very amazing, and very very beautiful.

The thing that took me by suprise was that from 1917 to 2006 all of Labassa was divided into flats!!
One door that led to a flat had a Union Jack painted on it.

I wanted so desperatly to hear and learn about the people that rented these flats, but alas the National Trust were only interested in the owners historicly before it was sold in 1917.

There is History during that period aswell, I wonder if any photos exist of the dwellers and what the flats looked like before National Trust came in to restore the interior....I'm sure in the 1920's 30's 40's even 50's there would have been some pretty amazing people living there.

Ok letting that go for now.....I promise to keep this update as often as I can.
Love to you all

Divas CC

Using this sketch: 3 challenges

Rachael's criteria Blue Brown and bling

Mel's Criteria "He is...."

My criteria Flourishes

Check out the amazing work done by our talented community here:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diva Guest Designer Competition

Diva Design Guest Search

We are starting a new idea at Divas. Are you a keen scrapper who not only loves to try new products but also likes to interact in a forum? Would you like a spot as a Guest Diva Designer??

To apply, you will be required to submit the following—
· 3 projects (a layout, a card set and an off the page item).
· a paragraph explaining one of the techniques you used in your projects. (All techniques will be published in the newsletter which announces the new Diva Designer.)
· A paragraph of your reasons why you should be a new Diva Designer.

The position will be a 2 month term, include a generous discount in the Diva store for this time, as well as a supply package for your projects during the 2 months. You will be required to be active in the forum, participate in the cybercrops and other activities on the Diva site. You will need to produce several projects with your supply package and upload these exclusively to the Diva gallery. At the end of the 2 month term, you will also be given the opportunity to conduct a free online class. What a great experience!!

**This process will repeat again after the current term is over. **
Send applications to
by the 21st April.